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amateur photography mailing list
last update: 24 december 2000

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a b s t r a c t

the amateur photography mailing list is a moderated forum for amateur photographers (professionals are welcome too) with emphasis on displaying and critiquing member work and sharing tips and techniques.

s u b s c r i b i n g   ( j o i n i n g )

there are three methods for subscribing:

  • send a blank email to photo-subscribe@topica.com. you will receive a verification message. reply to this message or click on the url in the message. or...
  • subscribe from the topica web site. or..
  • simply type your email address and click

    when you have successfully subscribed, you will receive a welcome message to confirm your subscription. please keep this message so that you may refer to it in the future.

u n s u b s c r i b i n g   ( l e a v i n g )

send a blank email to photo-unsubscribe@topica.com. this email has to be sent from the same exact email address that was used to subscribe to the list.

alternatively, if you are a registered topica member, you can unsubscribe from the list by using the topica website.

should you have trouble getting unsubscribed using one of the methods above, send email to me directly. please do not send unsubscribe requests to the list!

r e a d i n g   t h e   l i s t   ( a n d   l i s t   a r c h i v e s)

most list members read the amateur photography list using their email software. messages posted to the list are delivered directly to your mailbox.

you can also review the list archives. these archives are searcheable. it's often a good idea to search the archives before asking a question that's been answered before. many tips posted to the list have been summarized here.

if you're a registered topica member, you can decide on whether you want email delivered at all. some users use the topica website to read messages like a web forum.

a third option is called a digest. a digest is a daily summary of all messages posted to the list. digest are a simple way to keep traffic from email lists down. to switch to digest mode, use the topica website (if you're registered) or let me know, and i'll switch you over.

p o s t i n g   a n d   l i s t   e t t i q u e t t e

posting (sending a message to the list) is simple once you've subscribed. simply send an email to photo@topica.com. make sure you use the same email address you subscribed with or your post will be rejected as a non-member.

you can also post from the website (if you're registered with topica). if you're logged in, you will see a post button when reading the archives.

keep in mind that because this list is moderated, your message may not appear on the list right away.

please read the following rules of conduct and general ettiquette (and by the way, apply these to any email lists that you belong to. your list owner will appreciate it!):

  • do not send images as attachments. the moderator will immediately reject these. if you wish to share your work with list members, upload your photos to a website and send a url to the list. there are many free websites that offer space for sharing your images. check out zing for a good example of such a site.
  • replies should be edited to quote (include the text of the original message) only the relevant portions of the original poster's message.
  • use meaningful subjects. message subjects such as "help" can be really annoying. if you are replying to a message, and the subject no longer applies, feel free to change it to something new (a nice way to do this is to include the old subject, for example: subject: pushing astia [was Re: pushing velvia])
  • do not send HTML or RTF (rich text) email to this list! it makes the list almost impossible to read using the digest format. also, many email clients still do not support this sort of email. use plain text. (if you're a hotmail user make sure the Rich Text Format checkbox is unchecked. outlook express users, go to the Format menu and chose Plain Text before sending message. etc. etc.)
  • heated debates of the nikon vs. canon variety will be rejected. this list is not a forum for manufacturer advocacy.
  • "me too" and "i agree" style messages will be rejected. please remember that each mail message gets distributed to several hundred list members.
  • absolutely no commercial postings will be allowed, unless they are truly interesting to the amateur photographer (such as a new photographic product announcement). the moderator will use his own judgement in deciding what constitutes such a message.
  • messages that are completely off topic, especially if having a commercial aspect, will be rejected and the sender may be removed permanently from the list.
  • do not ask for a list of subscribers. you will not get it. also you'll immediately be on my watch list as a potential spammer.
  • do not crawl the archives to harvest email addresses. you will be reported to your isp's abuse department.
  • by the way, i hope you don't see me as some sort of list nazi. i just want to make sure that members of this list don't have to deal with crappy content. i'm not opposed to the occasional off topic postings, especially when they're funny (but please, add an [OT] tag to the message subject when you do this; this is the "universal" signal that the content of the message is Off Topic from the list's charter.)

w h a t   i s   m o d e r a t i o n ?

moderation in the mailing list sense means that messages posted to the list must be approved by a human (called the moderator) before they are distributed to all the list members. moderation allows the list signal to noise ration to remain high and thwarts spam or huge messages with binary attachments.

the downside of moderation is that messages don't always appear on the list immediately after you post them. because each message must be reviewed and approved or rejected, message posting may be delayed, sometimes by as long as 24 hours. i am online 75% of my days (i'm a geek) so message approval usually happens fairly quickly, but don't be surprised if there are delays. there is no need to resend your message. if there is a rejection, you will be notified via email.

the moderator of this list is: jules@popmonkey.com

o t h e r   i n f o

this list was created in january of 1999. there are approximately 300 active subscribers who range from beginners and hobbyists to professionals of all sorts. because it is moderated, traffic is reasonable; rarely will you see more than 10 messages in one day. the list is hosted at topica (learn more. surf less.). the list owner and moderator is jules cisek.

2000 j.cisek